Profile keeps signing me out??

Hey guys,
I am posting here as a last resort as my personal research basically anywhere and everywhere came to a screeching halt as I exhausted every troubleshooting method available for this issue I am having.The issue is, whether I play MCC on my Xbox or PC through GamePass, it signs me out after 1-3 minutes of even being in the title screen. It says “active user signed out” every time I sign in. Now, here are some things I’ve tried.

  1. cleared cache
  2. deleted gamertag and reinstalled it
  3. re initialised easycheat
  4. cleared cache from xbox by completely unplugging it
  5. deleted and reinstalled the game
  6. signed out and back in multiple times
  7. reset my pc multiple times

NONE of these have fixed my issue and my GT is still signing out.
Important note: It’s only Halo: MCC that this happens with, all other XBL features work as intended.
Anybody have this issue and know what the exact cause is so I can fix it? Been trying to play for over a day now.

The servers are iffy right now. It isn’t on your end.

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> The servers are iffy right now. It isn’t on your end.

This has been for the last 2 days however, unless the servers have been playing up since then? And it is only MCC. But, all I can do is wait and see when the servers are back up for now.

There were some live service issues last night. You also don’t need more than one thread