Professional Halo 5 Team- Exotic Gaming

Hello my name is David or known also as Dirty

  • Reach me by email or xbox Dirty EXG or on our community’s twitter page @AuthenticEXG

  • We are a gaming community venturing out to pro players and getting ready for competitive gaming in many games other then Halo 5. I am one of the officials of EXG and I’ve been designated to help recruit a team for the upcoming Halo 5 tournament in October. we are a gaming community that is venturing into other games as well. If you are interested in joining here is a couple of key information.

  • Reach me by email or xbox Dirty EXG or on our community’s twitter page @AuthenticEXG for any questions at all about our endeavor to become the best.

We are seeking people at the age 16 and up and you must be at least a diamond on the HCS summer mode. We understand not everyone will be taking HCS ranked game mode seriously as most people don’t consider it on the Halo 5 playlist. So if your a diamond on team slayer ranked but still in placement games or a lower rank then diamond for HCS we will still consider you a candidate but you have a 2 week period to earn diamond on the HCS summer game mode. We do this not be mean but the tournament will be using the HCS game mode so please be understanding

Each Candidate for the team will be interviewed by me before acceptance into the team.

Each Candidate might be subjected to a few matches where we observe and see more in detail your skills.

If we do pass qualifying match to go to the Tournament we will supply the jerseys for you guys. We will all contribute to the trip from hotel to plane tickets. Obviously because its likely we might go to the tournament, you must be able to attend this trip.

Team practices are required, we will do our best to workout practice times for everyone but we will be doing practices 3-5 times a week.

any questions at all or want to join to become the best, feel free to message me on xbox- Dirty EXG or by email or dm us on twitter at @AuthenticEXG