Profanity warning in Forge??

I remember forge being lots of fun on my 360, so I started messing with forge for the first time on PC (steam) and made a new map I wanted to try out with some friends. However, I go to save it and EVERY single name I try, it says “Profanity Warning”. I’ve tried naming it various things like “Flood”, “Halo”, “1”, “Reach”, “Test run”, etc., but it gives the warning every time and I can’t save the map…which is kind of irritating when it took a good amount of time to make. Any ideas? Some kind of bug/glitch? Does it have to do with the random times when MCC Season stuff just goes offline for no apparent reason? Any help would be appreciated. Tried looking around Google, but nobody seemed to have a straight answer.

Yes, this is a bug I (along with plenty other people) experienced. Thankfully, this issue was never permanent, and eventually went away for me.
Try a hard reboot of the game.

This issue happened to me on Console, so it could be different fer you.

As this appears to be an issue with your game, we recommend heading over to for further assistance. Please review the latest known issues and submit a ticket if your issue is not listed.


I have the same issue and have just submitted a detailed ticket. Additionally validating steam files does not fix the issue.

I have reinstalled all of MCC and this has fixed the issue, but still a bug that should be fixed.

October 2021 and it is still not fixed. I’m on console and will try reinstalling MCC.