Problems with Warzone spawns

Anyone else ever run into the scenario? We’re playing a match on the Ark, and I try to spawn with a binary rifle twice upon reaching req 6. The first time there was absolutely no one in the garage. So I choose to spawn there, and it places me outside by the big rock arch between the east and west armory. I immediately die thanks to the crap storm of vehicles and enemies outside. Boom, wasted req points. The second I could see there was a couple people coming in the garage. So I re member being told if enemies are in the base, you’ll get spawned outside of it. This was obviously false because it choose to spawn me about 10 very in front of the two guys coming in. Boom, another binary wasted. Anyone have any insight? Suggestions? Obviously the 2nd time I shouldn’t have chanced it, but that was more for experimenting. Still, this crap just infuriates me. I shouldn’t have to spawn all the way at gone base, then hoof it all the way across the map just to get to the fight, and hope I don’t get killed by a random sniper or vehicle. There, all done whining.

I spawned on the side of a cliff after buying a sniper rifle. It was more funny than frustrating for me.

Best suggestion is not to direct spawn with a high REQ item. Spawn first then use a REQ station to get the weapon when you know (or at least think) it is all clear.

I got spawned camped when I got out of the base with a tank… and I died.