problems with unlocking master chief armor

I completed the whole campaign on legendary and it says that i didn’t finish midnight, i unlocked the achievements for it but didn’t get the armor.

“Master Chief armor.” Jesus, dude.

The same thing happened to me, but on Infinity. All you can do is do it again.

When you did Midnight you were probably offline if you are offline it won’t count towards the commendation and the commendation is what unlocks the armor so yeah, you’ll have to re-do midnight.

Luckily i remember how to do midnight on legendary ,but still it’s a pain.

If you think that’s a pain, try doing what I did. I didn’t have internet when H4 came out, so I did the whole campaign on Legendary only to find out none of it counted when I got online. Then, I had to go back and finish each level on Legendary again just to get it to say so on my service record.

That’s exactly what happened to me, but i still feel bad for you.

Starting from any rally point in H4 counts for completion.

I was about to post, but it looks like you’ve got it! Congrats.