Problems with matchmaking connection

I haven’t been perma banned yet, however I fear that due to my random connection at times, I may get perma banned due to quitting. What happens is that at different times of the week, anytime I join a game it will kick me out of the match. This happens at totally random times, and often repeats itself over and over again. I have no idea of how to fix this, as I share the network with multiple people in the house.

I’ve been temp banned so many times its ridiculous due to my terrible connection at times. What I would really like is some suggestions on how to fix my awful connection. I’ve got Comcast as my ISP/Cable and there’s a linksys connected to the comcast modem in my parents room.

I’m taking preemptive measures where I can, in order to prevent an unnecessary perma ban.

Thanks for any and all help.

Who said youll get perm banned?

I’m afraid that if I keep getting DCd, the game will perma ban me due to quitting. But more than that, I just want to be able to join a match and finish it.

You wont get perm banned. You might get host banned or something.

Best phone your isp. Welcome to waypoint.

Guess I’ll try calling Comcast later then, and post back here. And thanks.

Feel free to continue posting any ideas of how to possibly fix this to those reading.

How come you do not have nearly as many DNF in your recent custom games as you do in MM?

Seems strange. I would have thought network problem would persist into customs as well. At least that has been my experience.

It happens in custom games with friends too, it’s becoming a very big problem. It’s destroying my Halo Reach experience.