Problems With KDR System?

Hi, when I checked my kdr earlier it was way lower than what it was before and I’ve been getting 2 or more times more kills that deaths. Is there a problem with the system or is this normal?



Was it displaying overall K/D or was it just slayer?

I’ve been having the same problem with it not adding my KD correctly. When I look at my Kills and Deaths in my service record I keep getting more deaths added then kills, even though I never go positive. Before I was just over 2.0, now I am 200 kills under 2.0 and I hardly ever go negative. Pretty much proves something is broken or not being calculated correctly, it wouldn’t be a surprised considering how other aspects of the game are/were broken.

Argg k/ds, if I get 181 kills without dying I will get a 2 for 1, that will take some effort.

A reason I would agree with this is because I’ve noticed some of my games don’t even show up or are not logged at all (however you can view the game from Theater) and I end up losing out when I have great games of going 2:1 ratio wise. :confused: