Problems with halo

I’m making a design analysis of halo, I would love to find out what you like and dislike about the game, do you play it for the history or for the online game?

I played it for the story back then during Halo 1, the multiplayer for 3 was really what made the game great.
I never understood the story of halo until i read into and watched videos on youtube, but the multiplayer makes me come back due to the fond memories and great friends i made.

It’s more or less been the history for me, see I started playing bungie games back at the Marathon series which to me is like the grandfather of Halo.I can’t wait for Halo infinite but I really hope that 343 industries tries to go a little bit in the direction of bungie and not so much what we have now. I mean the biggest step back that Halo 5 had for me was number one the micro transactions and number to some of the armors and helmets just look ugly. I’m also not too much of a fan of the Master Chief collection, I mean I love the games but the way it was just designed around the menu was just a horrible design in general.

The main reason I play Halo is because I find the gameplay very entertaining and the story great. The universe created around the game is perfect and it just adds to the immersion. Speaking of immersion, this is the main reason I play Halo, you can really put yourself into your characters shoes, this is why I really like Halo Reach and 4 because they let you imagine the storty of your character while completing story missions as them.

The multiplayer gameplay does’t really add to this but I like it either way. May i suggest looking into different player types so you can get a good look at why people play some games.

As for the likes and dislikes, I very much like how the combat is handled, since the time to kill is so long the game is a lot more tactical than other shooter, so kills are not just awarded to whoever shoots first or dumb luck, (not counting super fiesta). Because of this there can be a bit of a skill gap between new players and experienced players.

The main dislike I have with Halo is to do with Halo 5, I do not like how it is molded to suit competitive play over casual play.

Hope this helps with your analysis. :slight_smile:

I play it for both. I’m super into the lore and watch tons of videos deeper story and have beaten many of the halo campaigns of legendary but i also play tons of multiplayer very competitively.

As i am a fan of halo since its beggning, i felt in love with the classic story and artsyle

On the other hand, there is many things i diselike from the two previous halo games (halo 4 and 5):
>The developpment of the story turning mostly arround the prometheans and cortana
>The protagonists themself were changed (not for the good)
>Some of the units that were important in the halo culture have been removed (scarabs, drones, engineer, brutes, etc.)
>The design of the species, weapons and vehicules were oblirated (they were perfect for me)
>The game mechanics. Titanfall and CoD Advenced warfare were interesting, yes, but halo is something else.
>And finnaly, where is the god -Yoink!- flood?!?!?!

There is a bunch of negatives points, of course, but not everything is wrong. Halo is not nothing, and 343i is doing its best to keep the community happy. 343i have recently impressed me with all the updates done on the MCC, with the second opus of Halo Wars and with all their efforts of improving the halo universe. The team is supported by a strong community that keep groing and do their best to help, i am not affraid of the future of the halo franchise

A lot of levels just feel like padding. IE: Any level that revolves around fighting enemies while waiting for a door to open or the elevator to reach a point. Lots of backtracking in the first Halo.

For me it was the online gameplay. I always enjoyed customization of Armour, and just having fun with my friends.

So in 3 the campaign was awesome, thoroughly enjoyed the multiplayer as well and the armor customizations options were awesome. Best Halo game overall in my opinion, where I also loved reach for the forge options.

I feel like the history is what makes the story of Halo so great and gets players hooked, but the online game is what keeps bringing me back.