Problems with H4 after last patch

I posted this in the Matchmaking Forum earlier, but decided that this is where it probably needs to be.

Ever since the last patch that came with the Champions Bundle, I’ve been having some strange problems when I start up Halo 4. Now, it also as asks me to pick a storage device, as usual, because I have a couple of 32gb flash drives hooked up. However, it wasn’t until this recent patch that now after selecting my hard drive, it acts like it loads, the systems menu goes away, and pops right back up asking me to select my storage device. Once again i select my hard drive, it then shows the message “syncing cloud storage”, and then the menu closes and reopens again for a third time asking me to choose my storage device. After selecting it for the third time, it accepts it, and I think all is well, but it’s not. From this point my network is defaulted to My Xbox, and I manually have to go in and switch it to Xbox Live. Then, if that isn’t bad enough, after going through all of that, I still cannot get into a matchmaking game, or play any Spartan Ops missions even solo, as it says I am missing required DLC to play said game.

The only thing that has fixed it for me so far is backing out to the dash, and going to my storage settings and clearing my cache on the hard drive. Even then, it is only a temporary fix, as the process starts all over if I back out of Halo 4 then try to play again later. Does anyone know what’s going on, or has anyone had this problem before?