Problems with early access Specializ. STILL??

According to the ad on dashboard players online and playing before Nov. 20 had access to 6 specializations I’ve been playing since day one of release and have recieved no email with codes, no message with codes, not even anything inside the case. Please get back with me on how to access these specializations.

I believe once you get to SR-50 you can choose a new speclalization. Once you fully level that specialization you choose another and so on.

On Nov 20, early adopters will get an email with a download code. Once you reach SR-50, you can choose a specialization and level it up to 10, and then pick a new one and so on.


So there will be an email???

An email some time between the 20th and 30th of nov.

Thanks alot you wouldnt believe the frustration