Problems/Potential Fixes to H5

After playing many games of the beta in Halo 5, I noticed that the game has a lot of potential and does a fine job of balancing the new era features of Sprint, Thrust, and Abilities.

After playing competitive Halo since early H3 days, I have found that this game is what we need as we move forward. We cannot expect a H2/H3 remake every time a game launches, and we can’t explain to people why the Spartan super-soldiers somehow lack the ability to run. Again, this game does a fine job of balancing the given abilities with shields and map design.

With those things being said, I would like to address MANY things that are ABSOLUTELY BROKEN in this game. Here are my biggest pet peeves thus far:

AR/Automatic Weapon Strength and Range

I do not know why in the world this beta starts with AR’s, but it quickly allows for me to see a 50/50 success rate for BR and AR battles. The AR in this game is too powerful, and going up against 2 of the makes ANY escape impossible. Halo used to offer a better success rate for skilled players with BR’s going up against any player with an AR. This should be adjusted, and the AR should be nerfed. I cannot tell how many times that I would be mid-long range and would be left scratching my head over an AR that withstood my BR. I feel that SMG as a power weapon or something would be possible, and I am not as upset with this addition to the game. Just so we are clear, NERF THE AR’S, 343! Next:


I do not think I am alone when I say that the grenades on this game are too powerful and too mobile. Tossing a grenade doesn’t feel like tossing a grenade at all anymore, but more like throwing a tennis ball. Once you throw it, there is no telling where it will end up, and the new physics of the game cause grenades to go flying, much like a super-bouncy ball. And not to mention the fact that you cannot get away from the things! The damage they cause is unreal, but I have had them blast around walls and bounce diagonally into a room, which would seem impossible. Basic point: adjust the physics and NERF the power. Last, but CERTAINLY not least:


This topic isn’t all caps for nothing. By far the BIGGEST pet peeve of mine is playing Truth and trying to get away from grenades or opposing team fire. I will direct you to 2 particular spots in which the map structure just flat out sucks. Bottom Red/Blue, and P1 (or Car 1, I cannot remember exactly) on Truth. Bottom Red/Blue entrance through Pink side has a doorway that has been remade to look visually appealing, as many new map designs aim to be, but this is way too far. The doorway meets the floor in such a way that it tapers from being a wall into a small ledge/bump that causes you to get hung up when you are trying to escape into the base. Countless grenades and BR’s have gotten me while I am trying to get around these huge hinderances. There is no purpose for them, other than to look pleasing, so they need to be taken out. The same thing occurs at P1. There is a random bump in the floor that is there just to be there. It causes movement to be less fluid and reminds me of trying to traverse through a labyrinth instead of reaching my destination. This also occurs on Top Red/Blue in the little pockets that are on either side of the big window. They are more like miniature closets instead of pockets. They allow no movement when you are in them, and also offer the same “humps” that mentioned that are present in the bottom portion of the bases. This is something that makes evading fire from top-mid next to impossible.

That’s all I have for now, but does ANYONE feel the same way? I’m open to discuss, and willing to listen to new ideas. I feel like this game truly does have potential, but 343 DOES need to take these things into consideration and actually LISTEN to us.