problems please help

hi one and all im hoping someone can shed some light on why my odst wont play and since putting the disc in my halo waypoint freezes on the black loading screen (with reach disc in ) any help would be much appreciated,its driving me nuts

Is your disc scratched? Have you tried cleaning it?

no nothing wrong with disc only started playing up when i loaded waypoint,(havent played odst for months ) and now odst has been in it wont load waypoint its driving me nuts

Waypoint seems to be having some problems today, but I can’t think of what else might be causing your load failure on a game disc. Try cleaning the disc just in case.

thanks for the reply,its the first time i have ever posted on here,as for cleaning the disc i have polished it to an inch of its life lol,ah well back to reach lol

Well, I just put my ODST disk in I had no difficulty. You might also want to contact Xbox support for this kinda problem. Welcome to the Forums. Good luck to you.

thanks mate i will give that a try