Problems playing Crimson Map Pack

Alright so heres my problem. First off I bought the limited edition of Halo 4 so I get the map packs when they come out for 0 mp. Today I downloaded the maps and when I went to play them on forge it said I did not have the content, yet I could see the maps. I restarted my xbox about 3 times but nothing changed. I tried to play the map pack on matchmaking and I was able to find a match but when the game started I was kicked to the menu. I tried re-downloading it and again nothing changed. So I deleted the map pack from my hard drive and then re-re-downloaded it and the same thing is still happening. Heres the kicker, I cant even see the map pack on the marketplace. It wont even let me see it let alone buy it. Sorry for the long post but Im just wondering if this is happening to anyone else and if there is a way to fix it.

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Just add this to the hundred other problems with this game. This is easily the single most broken game I have ever played. Which is a shame, because it’s fun with all the problems aside.

To answer your question, yes, this has happened to me. I am one of the ones who suffers from the “main menu kick” issue that has been there from the start, and STILL hasn’t been fixed a month later. I have been kicked from well over 50+ matches. This DLC is no different. I have already been kicked right before the game starts, and then unable to find a match as you stated.

So -Yoinking!- tired of this game. 343 is the worst thing to happen to Halo for several reasons. Way too many to list here otherwise I would drown this thread in paragraph after paragraph of ranting.

Its a shame I really do like this game. I paid an extra $20 dollars for limited and because of that I cant even play the dlc maps. I cant even purchase them with extra microsoft points I am unable to play them at all. This is terrible I just want to play the dlc that I already bought…

So does anyone want to attemp to answer my question?

I’m sorry I have no answer. I just thought I’d add my own experience with the dlc. I have two xbox’s and two live accounts. After downloading the dlc on both systems my secondary account kicks me out of the dlc matching as you both have described. I did all the same troubleshooting steps yesterday that you did to no avail. Interesting though that on my other xbox, the dlc and both accounts work fine… and my other account works fine on the second xbox. So for some reason that profile on that xbox doesn’t like the dlc. Also I went to a friends house and downloaded my profile and the dlc worked fine there as well.

I forgot to mention that I own two copies of the game, one limited edition and one standard. I have the map passes for both.