Problems in party matchmaking

I have a little problem, I have 2 xbox one consoles, one is my main console, in both consoles halo 5 is installed, in both consoles work normally, but when I use the one that is not the main console, and try to play with the person on my main console on arena or warzone, almost always when the match is about to begin, the other person is dropped out of the match. This does not happen on custom matches. The other person plays with his own account. I did play whit him a couples of times without this problem. I don´t know why this happens, if it´s because the game has been installed on both consoles using the same account (I bought the game), or if it´s something else. He can play alone and with other people. Any answer is appreciated.

Recently xbox has been having service and party issues that might have something to do with it, and if you’re other xbox isn’t on it shouldnt effect you too greatly on the other one, when you play on another xbox thats not set to your home xbox I know that you can only do things online, however fireteams in halo are different depending on hosts for the lobby matchs you get also since it’s your friend whos dropping more than likely its a problem on his end or simply a problem with the areas you’re in