Problems i have with multiplayer and dubs

Implementing csr was pointless with JiP… Shouldnt be in any team playlist… ie doubles, multiteam, throwdown, or any 4v4 slayer game for that matter. try getting a 50 in multiteam when you get thrown into middle of games down by 16 kills or time or whatever. you basically would have to dashboard if you saw you were getting thrown into a game… and in doubles, the playlist should lock in pregame… like really people leave constantly trying to boost or not liking the choices they are given… learn how to play everything holy crap.

(2v2 duds) Or the developers should take notice and see how op the beam is on monolith and change it to unsc sniper. Or see how rockets spawning every 2 mins on landfall basically turns the game into a campfest, listening for footsteps till the next spawn. Dispatch and scythe dont belong in doubles playlist they are god awful tbh. Should probably be replaced with the remake of sanctuary(by apk or whoever did it)even though no one wants to be reminded of reach. It will still play better than any map currently in the playlist #fact. To be honest the only map bearable in the 2v2 playlist is abandoned. Excited for the pit but lets be honest try make a push to the sniper towers without the sniper being knocked out of zoom… goodluck with that. So it wont be the same.

You should drop your feedback in the retrospective topics, it’ll fall under better ears then.

Thanks somewhere else to rant ahahah