Problems I have when making Machinima

Hello, if you are reading this you probably have encountered some problems regarding making Machinima.
Now, I am here to explain my difficulties, so I hope that 343i understands my plight.

Problem #1

  • When I lowered my weapon in-game, I thought everything was going fine. Then I realised that when my friends lowered their weapons, nothing happened. They exclaimed to me that it was lowered in their first person view, but there was no third person animation for it so the gun was still held up.
    Problem #2

  • I went to go check theater to make sure that the first problem was probably an in-game bug that would not show up in the clip. Though, it did show up but I also encountered another problem in this session. In theater, you cannot ZOOM. This bug must be fixed if Halo wishes to remain a primary source of content of creation (Machinima, Maps, etc.).

Those are the only problems that I have encountered thus far. If any of you have encountered any similar bugs of glitches (or things you feel may be bugs or glitches), please, let me/343i know.

I have had similar problems when playing around with these features. I hope this gets patched or fixed soon. Otherwise it will really show 343’s “dedication” to their fanbase.

343 has put up a new article with the new update from December on making machinima possible. What you would need to do for this feature to happen aside from using Theater Mode is to go to Custom Games, then select your map and game type. You would then go to your Settings, scroll down to Machinima and flick the switch to on.

There is more to this article in the link here:

I understood and followed the procedures since I did have issues too using the theater mode.

Friggin’ ridiculous…as if pulling full armor customization was bad enough.

Is this why I hardly hear anything regarding Halo machinimas? I remember when Halo machinimas were a hot topic. Now this is literally the first thread I’m reading about Halo 5 machinimas on any website.

Guys this is kind of an outdated topic. This was prior to the Machinima update.