Problems Connecting to Friends

I’m sure this has been addressed, as it cannot be just my group of friends an I. We have 2 issues:

(1) Wired or Wireless we cannot connect to one another for MM. Sometimes it will let one or two of us join each other, but usually it says on all of our SR in red, NOT JOINABLE. We have tried all sorts of scenarios. Wireless, and wired, nat open, port forwarding etc. Nothing helps.

(2) I have 3 roommates that connect directly to the same router, NONE of us can play together. We can all play solo just fine, but any time we try to join another, we get the timeout popup, or the unable to join due to incompatible network message. We have also tried a number of scenarios, just as posted above, with nothing being fruitful.

PLEASE help me fix this, I spent damn near $800 on this game, and I’m not getting what I or my friends paid for…

To clarify, any of us trying to join another friends game, get a NAT error, or a Time-Out message…

Any ideas? This is really bothersome…

Come ON! Not a single -Yoinking!- person can offer even an idea? This is -Yoink- 343. Way to support your customers…

1800myxbox, offers no solution either. Well other than: “Sorry, we’re working on issues as they are seen.”


I have the same problem…you are not alone.

Its your connection, one of your connections is not a Open NAT, so it causes a conflict and makes it unable to let you join eachother.

It is simply your connection speed or your ports not being opened to allow Xbox Live to operate as normal, has nothing to do with Halo 4 or 343.

Get a good router.

It is your connection/your friends connection. Check your nat types.