Problems and Ideas for Halo 5 Multiplayer

Hello, this is some problems I noticed In Halo 5.

Warzone Assault Dispatch - Defending Team Garage
While the Red Team is trying to defend the Garage, it is possible for a few attackers to spawn camp on top of the garage and kill the entire Red Team. Im not upset that I spawned camp or I am getting spawned camped while trying to return to the garage, but I believe the red team should not be forced to respawn in a tiny area that is exposed. The red team should respawn a little spread out more.

Warzone Assault - Defending Team Respawning

  • If the defending team base have no enemies currently inside the base, the defending team should be able to respawn inside the base. - If the base in currently being taken over, the defending team should NOT respawn at the home base(i.e. if there is a chance to stop the armory or garage takeover, I should not be forced to spawn near the core. - The defending team should not be able to spawn vehicles inside the garage if there are several attackers in the base(even though it is funny, it shouldnt be allowed).Warzone Assault Joining in Progress
    There have been several instance where I joined the game and literally when I join the game, the enemy had destroyed the core. If I used my RP Boost, I lose that card. If the attacking team already captured the armory, then JIP should not be allowed.

Warzone and Warzone Assualt Level 7+ Req
In most Warzone games, the game will be over by REQ 7. This is definitely true for Warzone Assault. For Warzone Assault, maybe start the game at req 2 or when the core is open, jump to req 6-7.

Warzone Random Vehicle Req - Uncommon and Rare
I understand that Random means Random but getting a gungoose or chain turret Warthog(not the oni) from a Rare Random Vehicle Req its disappointing. I make user like my hesitate to even use it. The chance to get a gungoose or chain warthog should be decreased.

Ideas for Halo 5
More Playlist
As many have been asking, more playlist should be added and rotated. I enjoyed the idea that users could vote for to select the weekend playlist. It was awesome. Weekend Playlist should make a return, at some point. Gametypes such as CTF, Strongholds, Oddball, KOTH, and other objective modes should be added as Permament 4v4 Team Objective. I cannot see SWAT, Grifball, FFA, Team Slayer, Infection(currently has the best req payout), BTB, Arena, and maybe Breakout leaving to rotate other playlist. I understand that More playlist will make other playlist less populated but less variety make players play something else or play customs.

Map Veto Option
Veto Option should return, like Reach Veto system.

New Req Packs****and Req Ideas

  • I am probably one of the few who is near req completion. I am grateful that Emblems no longer count as the permanent unlock but it is still troublesome that I have to switch from getting gold packs to getting silver packs in order to prevent getting uncommon items in gold pack. For each new dlc req, there should be a new req pack that contains that dlc req, maybe put it at 5000? - New Common and Uncommon items should unlock more in bronze. - If you have a cert in a req and reqs you dont want, you should be able to trade X amount of reqs for more of the one you want. For example if I have Blaze or Glory and I have Scattershots, shotguns and other weapons, it would be neat if I could trade in my Scattershot and another req for the Blaze of Glory. There should be like a list of what would be required trade for a req. - On the topic of trading, it would be a neat idea to be able to trade reqs with players, definitely in Warzone, instead of go to a req station, spawn the weapon or vehicle, drop the weapon or vehicle for your teammate. - When selling Reqs, instead of selling a req one by one, it should be an option to sell X amount of reqs at once. - New Boost Options like get RP or XP for top survival time, weapon accuracy, and etc. - More Armor Mods like Gunner, Wetworks, Survivor, and some new ones like Kamikaze(if you have a grenade), Vehicle Destroyer, - More Assassination ReqsCommunity Maps <- (The main thing I am interested in)
    There are amazing remakes of previous Halo Maps made by the community in Halo 5. More community maps should be added to Arena and Warzone.

Rotating Weekend Action Sack Playlist
It would be cool if Action Sack made the rotating again but included the creative maps and gametypes from the Community, like the pancake one.

File Browser
In previous titles, it was possible for user to download user created content from inside the game, without having to follow or friending the person.

New Warzone Bosses
It would be nice to see new Warzone bosses like

  • A white Elite with a sword that when cloaked, the boss indicator goes away unless it is taking damage or when it attacks. - A phantom that unload ways of enemies until destroyed. - A jackal boss with shield and a beam rifle with the accuracy of Halo 2 Legendary Jackals. - Grunt with a Ultra Ghost - Hunters that shoot the beams and shot Pool of Radiance Projectiles.Warzone Bosses
    Warzone bosses should be random like Warzone Firefight Bosses.

Warzone Varieties
As posted in other threads, CTF Warzone, Open Core Warzone, would be an interesting idea for warzone.

Warthog Gunner/ Turret Gunner Aim
The gunner should be able to zoom in aim with the turret on the warthog or turret.

Connectivity Issues
Like many others I experience connection issues that range from

  • Lagging out of matches - Lagging or dropped frames - Profile is unavailable - Req card is unavailable in Warzone Match

You speak so much truth. I’m REALLY hoping 343 will see your post and maybe implement some of your ideas. I really like the Hunter and Phantom ones, but the jackal sniper would just be a 1 shot kill, unless you meant overshield jackal.

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the spawns in warzone. They’re absolutely illogical. Why when I am trying to spawn on my own base (fortress or armory) do I get spawned between 2 bases or near Warden spawn (stormbreak specific)? It makes no sense! Especially if no enemies are in it! Even if they are, they’re in enemy territory…it’s an occupational hazard!

The only thing you seem to be missing is the severe matchmaking issue lately. I have been getting disconnected EVERY day for over a week now. My game also randomly closes midmatch or whatever. I really love playing this game, but there are so many issues that seem to be getting ignored, it’s difficult to defend.

I also agree with your suggestions for playlists. Action sack would be great because although I’m decent at some playlists, there are times I just want to have fun. And that’s difficult to do when I have teammates spartan charging me off the map, teabagging me after every kill, spawnkilling me repeatedly, and teammates killing me for weapons I have. I like minigames where no other players can grief me and make me lose unless they’re playing honorably to win. The immaturity in the community is unbelievable.

I would also LOVE a way to create my own race gametype for forge maps. I love making tracks

You put a lot of thought into this. Great points !!

He really did. That’s usually what I try to do but most of the time when I do post it’s to rant after getting kicked or dealing with some spawn BS. Which is basically every day now