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english please? do only thing i think i got is that you turned from SR48 to SR1.

No habla espanol.

Forums are english ONLY.

Why anyone know when Halo 4 miles from Durango service SR48 SR1 me sin Shrink to reason as well as me Change my spartan appearance and weapons like New user When I hope I can support soybean greetings Please

I copy/pasted on Google translate…

> Alguien SABE CUANDO Por Que Juego Halo 4 millas de Durango servicio SR48 me lo Reducir Hasta SR1 pecado razon asi como me Cambia la apariencia de mis espartanas y Su Armamento Como si Fuera Usuario nuevo when no me lo espero soja puedan apoyar saludos Por Favor

Translation: “Does anyone know why when I play Halo 4 for thousands of {hours?} at SR48 it reset me to SR1? What sin/crime did I commit? It appears to me that it changed my Spartan’s appearance and his armor as if I was a new user. Please help. Thank you.”

Recomiendo que usted consulte al thread sobre los prohibiciones entre Matchmaking. Para mí, parece que tiene un reinicio de XP. Puede explicar lo que pasa con su personaje ahí. Pero, es probable que necesita explicarlo en ingles.

My Response: “I reccomend that you consult the Matchmaking Ban Thread. To me, it looks like you had an XP reset. You can explain what happened to your character there. Though, it’s likely that you’ll need to explain in English.”