problem with warzone playlist

When I first que up to play a game in warzone whether it’s firefight or assault my game will crash right before the event launches. This by itself is frustrating, but it gets worse. Now, presumably from me “quitting” when my halo crashes, i get thrown in to games that are near the end. This is very frustrating because i have no way to tell if i will be put into a full game or at the end of a game. So if i use a boost, that boost will basically be wasted because it will have little to no benefit to me in playing the last 4 minutes of a game. Also, i will be severely underpowered and not be able to help in the slightest because of the req system. This takes away from the fun of warzone and is honestly giving me a cold shoulder towards halo at the moment, and i LOVE halo 5’s multiplayer. This has been going on forns couple of weeks now and would love for it to be fixed. Thanks.

Your game crashing is probably a client issue, since myself, and most others don’t have this issue. And don’t put a boost on if you join a in progress game (You can tell if it’s in progress if the map image doesn’t show up in the lobby).