Problem with the Mantis on Meltdown

When the game first came out I have to say meltdown was my very favourite map, it looks fantastic and the way it plays was excellent; epic battles across the bridge or sneakily flanking around the bottom with the ghost. However the addition of the Mantis in my, and many others, eyes has really ruined this map. This is mainly because of the fact it completely changes how the map plays. The Mantis completely dominates the map making people no longer battle it out at the bridge apart from occasionally hiding behind one of the barriers at the end crouching and invisible. It makes people play far more reserved as they wait for their own mantis to take down the opponents or vice versa and although this sounds like a regular Halo vehicle mechanic the problem comes in with the Mantis’ spawn time. It is possible to destroy a Mantis, die immediately afterwards and by the time you return to the middle of the map after respawning the other teams Mantis will already be back all guns blaring which is in my opinion absolutely awful. The Mantis also renders all other vehicles on the map useless as a ghost or warthog doesn’t stand a chance at killing a competent Mantis driver and due to the spawn time there is ALWAYS a Mantis there. In my opinion the best move would be to simply remove the Mantis from this map as it is not large enough and although Ragnarok can deal with the Mantis perfectly fine it does not suit this map at all. However I would be happy for the spawn time to simply be largely increased(I’m meaning at least a 2.30 to 3 minute gap between the Mantis destruction and it’s respawning). Please restore Meltdown to it’s original glory!

The mantis doesn’t need to be on any map at all.

I agree, I absolutely hated Meltdown at first. To me it was a boring map. Then i realized it could be played in so many ways. Now that there is a Mantis on it, it has lost a lot of fun from playing it.
What’s next? Banshees on Meltdown? Cause that’s what we need, another boring Ragnarok Map.