Problem with some REQs

(TLDR at the end) I’ve noticed people are complaining about not getting enough air vehicles or other useful stuff. This includes all banshees (especially Ultra Banshees), Phaetons (even though they’re legendary, the standard should be ultra rare) and wasps. I get more Ultra Banshees than Wasps that’s a problem.

Now, I haven’t gotten to play as much because school and a job but I’m still gaining a decent amount of RP.

I have well over 500 tanks, 300 ghosts, and 300 of all good warthogs (all ONI variants and Vespin Rocket Hog). I sell all other Hogs, Gungooses, and Mantises except for ONI and Hannibal. Even then, some people prefer Aerial Combat rather than Ground Vehicle combat.

I think the best way to improve the REQ system in H5 and H6 is to have a preference system to where u get more of your favored REQs instead of your Talon of the Lost.

TLDR: We don’t get as much air vehicles as we used to. For future Halo games with the REQ system, there should be a preference system so we get what we want.