Problem with Shoulder Charge

Shoulder charge is essentially a thruster than a melee, it doesn’t auto kill, all it does it melee. I could do the same thing by just thrusting and meleeing afterwards. Shoulder charge lets me thruster forward every 1 second(That’s how long it takes to reach max speed in sprint). Most of the time when i engage with a sword…I sprint, shoulder charge, then thruster pack forward and i essentially used thruster twice in 1 second, it is VERY effective considering the speed boost you also gave me. if you want to keep this shoulder charge(Just thruster with melee at the end) then you need to make a cool down for it. I recommend that you remove it.

In conclusion, shoulder charge is just a forward thruster with a 1 second cooldown while I also have a omnidirectional thruster with a 4 second cooldown.

Also, get rid of the leather gloves…its almost year 2600, you really think they still use leather? Cmon 343

i just really dislike shoulder charge its pretty useless especially when used on the back because even when you use it on the back it just takes down their shields and theres no lunge towards them so if there sprinting away and your sprinting after them and you want to either lunge to assassinate or beat down if they move a little to the right or left you will miss them because shoulder charge just goes straight and even if you do manage to hit them you will just take down their shields so its pointless when used on the back and its gets in the way of using assignations or beat downs (BTW the assignations look the same as halo 4’s not that their bad just that you would think they would make new ones for a new game i hope they are just place holders for the beta) anyway its also pointless from the front because while you are in the animation when you charge into them you can take damage after you hit them its just takes down their shields plus its hard to land it because no lunge it would be more effective to just melee them normally but its a pain to melee because you have to stop sprinting or else you just charge also after after you land the charge and take down their shieds and after you land it you cant move or shoot or melee. so to make it short when you charge from the front you loose your shields while in the charge animation then you knock them back and take away their shields because you landed the charge some how then you cant move and you get shot ones in the head and die because you had no shield please 343 either extremely buff shoulder charge or do the right thing and remove it dosent work and it gets in the way of useing melee or assassination which work better then shoulder charge in every situation.

ps. i really like the beta i just dont like shoulder charge