Problem with PC

So far everything in Halo Infinite has worked well for me, the load times are so fast I can’t even read the tooltips on the loading screens. I have no doubt that from a technical standpoint (which is the point of this multiplayer preview) the game looks and feels good to me.

But there is one issue I feel must be addressed that is specific to PC users. It does not need to be addressed before release but I feel must be at some point.
PC does not have access to Halo 5, I have discussed this with many other PC users and the census is we will not be purchasing Halo Infinite until Halo 5 is ported to PC.

I know that you the developers probably do not care and that it has been stated it can be played without the need to have played any of the previous games, but all the info I have read says that this IS a sequel to Halo 5 and it really sucks to move on in the story without concluding the events of Halo 5. (and reading/watching videos on the story is not the same as playing/experiencing it for yourself)
Even if the game had controversy and is considered “not that good” I like to be able to decide for myself how I feel about it and do not have the money to invest in an Xbox just for one game.

If anyone else feels the same that they would like to see Halo 5 ported to PC, please add your voice.

Halo 5 campaign is bad. It would be nice to see it ported to PC but at the same time, it should be of the lowest priority.