Problem with infinites playlists

you either have the social settings where some people dont really care whether they do well or not and so matches are uncompetitive, then you have only the pro ranked settings to go to when you want some competitive matches.

there needs to be other ranked competitive playlists that are more desirable to casual players who want to get better so that each playlist can matchmake properly instead of throwing casuals into the pro settings without their radar training wheels and inability to work as a team.

the pro settings should also have a cap on the skill difference between party members. a bronze and onyx shouldnt be able to party together. let them do that in other ranked modes that require less team skill but is still competitive.


I want a ranked arena where rank is based on wins and losses and it be an in between social and competitive or HCS(current ranked arena) by letting there be BR and AR starts, motion trackers(small range) and add maps like behemoth and launch site too.

I think this can help more casual players get used to no motion trackers and we get to see which rank system do we prefer.

I’m over here like, “All I need is a give me a game button; no, idc about details like rank, gametype, loadouts or number of players.”

When the question is, “how would you like to Halo?”, the answer is yes.

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bulldog and br would be more fun because the AR would mean the br is only useful for long range unless thats what you want, an AR focused ranked mode with some BR battles. It also depends on the map size too. Behemoth and launch site would cause more long range BR battles but its good to have variety in how maps play.

I think the ranked system should be based on wins and losses anyway. Current system is trying to be too smart for its own good.

I don’t really mind bulldog but I think it might be too strong.

too strong in what way?

I dont think a cap on skill difference is really a great idea. Makes sense from a competitive standpoint but removing friends ability to play together isnt very fun. I think it should just lock the team into the highest rank on the team. That way friends can still play together, but they do so at the risk of getting completely stomped into the ground.

it would only be for one mode. the main benefit is that pro players get a working playlist to practice properly with other like minded people.

Pros just hold scrims to practice against other like minded players. But these playlists although designed around the pro playstyle are not exclusively for the pros and therefore I dont think they should be THAT restrictive.

343 are forcing people into it who want some competitive. i bet the pro playlist had a very small population in past halos so why are 343 trying to make it the only choice for ranked? 343’s decisions have been very odd.

I have no idea why there is only one ranked playlist. I wanna see a FFA playlist, a 2v2 team slayer playlist, a 4v4 Attrition playlist (with 3 rounds to win, 2 second revive timers), the 4v4 arena playlist we have now (oddball, capture the flag, strongholds and king of the hill when thats added), a 4v4 team slayer playlist and a seasonally rotating playlist (4v4 team snipers, FFA snipers, 1v1, etc.)