Problem with halo 5 req pack

Hi guys,
today i got a problem with halo 5’s req system, when i buy req pack , the money is took but i can not have acces to the contents of the req pack!!

is there a problem with the req transaction system recently?

does anyone have a solution to this problem? 'cause microsoft service haven’t find the problem and redirect me to the halo waypoint forum.

thanks a lot!!

sorry for the english because i’m french

I agree it did the samething to me 7 times in a row it took my money out of my account but I cannot see the contents i got from the req pack

someone have build an other topic with the same problem! may be a req system failure?

I had it too

Same issue for me as well

the problem is probably coming from 343’s system

Does this happen with only real money, or RP as well?

i buy one with rp and everything goes normal so i think this happen only with real money

Having the same issue.

Go to open reqs. They should be in there now.

nope… for me there is nothing