Problem with Campaign completion.

Well I have been playing on Mission 7 solo on the Halo Reach Campaign on Legendary. Every level up to this point worked just fine and it shows that I have completed each mission on Legendary. But when I finally completed Mission 7, it says that I haven’t done it and it didn’t give me the achievement either. So far I have completed the mission on Legendary 3 times and still the same result. Nothing. But it shows that I can play the next Level with no problem. I see that everything before this has the completion shields. Is there anyway that this could be fixed because this is really bugging me and it wasted so much of my time.

This happened to me, I had scoring on with 2 skulls and it did not show me completing a level. I went back turned off scoring, the skulls, restarted the mission form the beginning and made sure i watched all the cut scenes and it showed the shield on my second try.

Not sure if turning all that off helped but it did work.

Good Luck

For it to count as a completed mission, it needs to be started from the beginning of the mission and not from RPs. At least that’s what I’ve always thought. You can do ‘Resume Game’ and that shouldn’t mess it up.

If you are not going through the RPs and are just resuming, then I would recommend going onto’s Halo: Reach forum and asking there.