problem with Ai odst in installation 04!!!

Hey guys! I need info and help on the new firefight map Installation 04. Throughout the walkthroughs posted on waypoint, they point out the new AI ODST. They say that they will jump in the gunner seat in the warthog, but they don’t seem to want to. Is there a problem I am not aware about? Please Help!!!

You need to kill all the ODSTs, blow up the hog at the spawn and then wait until the next round for the Pelican to drop off a new hog with some ODSTs, the new ODSTs will get into your Hog Turret and kill enemies.

Odd, but that’s the only way I can get it to work.

Instead of killing them all yourself and blowing up the hog, you could just finish your current round. When you kill the final enemy in the final wave, a pelican drops ONE odst and a warthog. THAT odst and only that odst will be your gunner, unless you keep him alive until the next round, where you’ll have two, and then three, etc. Even if you have zero odsts or four, one more drops in with the hog.