Problem w/ Monster Codes?

Hey has anyone else ahd any trouble with uploading their receipt to redeem their points for buying Halo Monster? I bought them at a Sheetz (Gas Station) and everytime I try to upload it I get error #90604 with no explanation. I also tried taking another photo, waiting a few days, and switching the file type to no avail.

I wasn’t planning on getting a bunch of Monster because I don’t drink it so I’m hoping I don’t have to buy more to get entered into the sweep stakes or get any sort of 2XP :frowning:
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks guys!

I uploaded one receipt successfully out of the two that I have. It accepted one that I purchased a 24-pack from Wawa in July, but it won’t accept the one that I purchased in August. On top of that, I can’t resubmit it so now I’m out for a 10-pack that I bought at Target. Also, the Snapchat codes are not even scanning in the app.

OP, could you please post in this existing support thread: thank you!