Problem in retrieving the artic BR

Hello everybody,
I’ve got my limited edition Halo 4 copy from Gamestop, I’ve downloaded the pre-order bonus, but there’s no Artic BR in my primary weapon selection chart, even if I’ve already purchased the standard one.

Any tip or advice, or I’m the only one with this issue?

Do you have the other pre-order bonuses? Like the Forest HAZOP? You may have missed entering the BR skin code, as you should have received 7 codes for the pre-order stuff. Check your receipt or email where you got the pre-order codes and try entering it again. Otherwise, you could try to download it again.

I’ve received an all-inclusive code from my gamestop, which includes 6 earlier specialization and the BR artic skin.

I have already tried to download it again, but nothing happen.