Problem- can’t get out of the first fob

I can’t find the exit from the fob tremonius to get started on getting the other fob bases captured. I can’t see any exits either.

What am I doing wrong?

There’s a platform on the opposite side of the base with a console to activate. Then a pelican arrives and you get in the back. Hope this helps.

There isn’t one there anymore

I’m about to give up on the worthless game

There is an underground path around where you enter into the FOB when you finish mission 2.

Or if you have the upgrade grapple over it, I do that to get around mountians

I used fast travel to get out

That was the other one, just was not sure if you did the mission to get the first fob or not

You have to do the main mission on the pelican first, then the door will open

Grapple hook is my best friend now.

Which part are you on?

I’ve already found all the marines and all the fobs. Just got all the forerunner artifacts as well. Going to start hunting for skulls tonight. Holding off on getting the final beacon so I can overfly the entire map with the wasp to look for more stuff