Probably my craziest moment in Halo 4

So I was playing Infinity Slayer on Solace last night and I had a shotgun at the ready. I thruster packed to change my momentum to go over to the lower level to enter one of the corridors on the side to go to the lower level. When this happened, an enemy with an incineration cannon heard me and waited for me to come around the corner (n00b, lol). I rounded the corner and fired a shot from the shotgun toward the guy to weaken him slightly (he was about 20 meters away). He fired off a shot from his incineration cannon and when the rounds spread, I managed to slip through the gap in between the shots! I looked at this in the theater and I saw it. The five rounds came at me after I fired a shot. One glitched through the ground, 2 about 1 meter away from me to my left and right. The fourth and fifth shots amazed me. One was just inches away from my head and the other just barely grazing my right leg, missing! The shots exploded behind me as I came around a piller and killed him with a second shotgun shot. It was crazy. File share not working on the site, so check out my file share if you can in the game. It’s titled “…Woah…”

So, after you respond to my crazy moment, do you have any crazy moments similar to mine?

Crazy moment isn’t really exciting for me yet, but something which did happen to me and a clip is present in my file share:

Ragnarok. Match going smoothly. Ghost on my nine o’ clock tries to splatter me. Radar picks it up and I jump. Shields lost because of an elevation difference. Ghost flips over. I walk forward to melee the guy (was reloading), accidentally flip the ghost and WHOOSH.

Underneath Ragnarok. I look up to see the ground until it disappears completely.

After a few seconds, I respawn with spree’s and medals still intact, but as if I had died.