Private Messaging on the forums

I can’t find the option anywhere, how do I send a private message to a user?

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I think the idea is to use Xbox to communicate since windows game bar seamlessly connects pc and Xbox players flawlessly. Isn’t your username here your Xbox handle?

I’m specifically talking about the forums though

Yeah i’ve seen the forum ask me to send one but I don’t see the option to.

You could just type that person’s name in the xbox social find people thing and send them a message it’s the same name as would be here. Right??? I guess. Ignore me.

How would that work on PC though?

You could use the Xbox app from the windows store or even easier the windows game bar which also has the lfg panel. The widget is called social for finding people and your friends are on the chat widget

They haven’t turned on the ability to private message on hear yet. Only messaging you can do is to an Admin.

I can’t even message moderators, that seems like an oversight

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Yup, same here. I tried messaging a Monitor once to ask a question, but I had no such option to send a private message despite Discourse saying I can.

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I’m guessing that it’s different for every forums then, 343 has probably decided to disable that feature, which is odd to me.

There needs to be some way to contact a moderator, even if it’s a simple form on the support page that is focused on forum issues

To message a mod, go here:

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Thanks! Hadn’t found this before

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thank you this link is the only button iv seen that allows me to message anyone, im new to forums and i am confused beyond anything how is their no way to message or ask anything i dont know how to use this awful website just to be able to ask for help, thank you

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