Private chat.

Yes party/clans are a thing in halo, but it would be nice if private chat in halo was removed. Too often my team is all private and I can’t call out locations. I’m not a high rank player, placed D1. Worked up to onyx 1551, but lost it all. Now Plat 6. (Team slayer) you know… where team communication would be handy.

I would recommend using the LFG(looking for group) on the xbox or the recruitment forums here on waypoint. Personally when they did this to a COD(call of duty) title I stopped playing the game and did not buy future COD titles. Rarely did I play but when I did I just didn’t use my mic. I also feel that this would end up being the case leading to a smaller player base.

I wish it was removed entirely so that people can communicate without hiding in party chat. Still muting the toxic ones is important.