Prioritize Campaign Co-op If Possible

With the recent news of Campaign Coop being added after launch, I feel like it should be pushed up on their to-do list to make it for launch. They got a lot of momentum from showing the recent trailers and the flight tests (more to come), but the news just tanked it. Lots of players, new and old, would want to play the campaign together when it releases. Coop/split screen campaign has been part of every Halo game, why stop now? I hope they at least reconsider campaign coop with the recent community feedback and find time and space to make it for launch. If it’s 4 Master Chief’s again, I’ll take it. I really don’t want another delay for one or two features.

The multiplayer is free to play anyway and you could put an Infinite amount of time playing that in between seasons and updates. I don’t mind forge being added later considering Halo 5’s forge was awesome.

Keep in mind that the whole world was affected for the past year due to the pandemic. And between now and Halo 5’s launch, part of that time was used making the new engine.

Just my thoughts on the news released today.