Principality of Zeon Needs You!

Hello I’m a Lieutenant from The Principality of Zeon and I am here to ask you to enlist in our glorious organization. We The Principality of Zeon are based on a antagonist group in the Universal Century Gundam series and novels. Zeon started a revolution against the Earth Federation for freedom and the way we bring that into the Halo universe is to make our organization have a insurrectionist ideology against the UNSC. We plan to do Raids, WarZone, competitive Arena and casual custom games. In Zeon we issue colored uniforms for branches and rank. We have a Military styled raking system and we have Three branches in Zeon. Ground Forces,Royal Guards and the Space Navy. Before going into the Ground Forces or Space Navy you must compleat a Cadet fazed training process that could take up to four days to complete. Once you have finished your Cadet boot you may pick a branch to enlist in but to become a Royal Guard you must be hand picked for this is a vary important and secret branch. We plan on becoming the best clan we can and to dominate our enemies in battle while having fun. If you are interested check the requirements listed below!
The requirements to join