Primordial EP 1

Hello every one if you know me or read my topics then you know that I start roleplays enjoy this fiction of mine

What if chief did not destroy the halo ring what if he was killed by the flood cortana captured the covenant forces destroyed their shops captured the unsc killed on the ring and the flood found earth and years later the unsc is completely destroyed the covenant on the run but humanity has survived by banning together creating survivor camps and finding ships and weapons but the flood is on the verge of wiping out all life so the camps rely on runners
(Just for fun lets use our characters from new beginnings so we don’t get confused it’s the same time as new beginnings just a different story)

appearance:wears a halo wars marine helmet the one with the glasses and bandana around his face as seen in halo wars trailer and some pieces of odst armor on his body
Last name:none
Location:survivor camp
Bio:Eli is a runner in the camp he is with he is fast that’s how he got to be a runner he was born in the flood time as it is called but he knows how to fight his dad use to be unsc so he showed him how and Eli knows when to fight in the field

Name: Randley
appearance: EOD helmet, MkVI Chestplate, Gold/Orange/Yellow armor
Last name: Hilyer
Location: UNSC ship: Destructor of war
Bio: A SPARTAN-II that escaped reach.
(i am NOT in survivors)

(That’s fine. Also, this is not canon with the Survivors, so feel free to join that or New Beginnings.)
First Name: Connor
Last Name: Brent
Bio: Former time traveler and ONI Spec Ops, Connor lost his children during the flood invasion. His wife Brittney, was also severly wounded in the invasion. He is a Spartan-IV.

(At least create a character that is not a spartan very few Spartans would have survived the flood invasion because they would be the first line of defense and if you are in new beginnings at least use your characters from it in this one that’s what I am doing)
Eli waits for his next assignment he just ran some medicine to a another nearby camp and is now waiting for his next delivery

First Name: Mark
Last Name: Jacobs
Bio: Father is Levi “Leviathan” Jacobs and mother is Sarah Jacobs. Both Spartans, both alive. They are in hiding with a band of people called the Desert Tigers on an uncharted by the flood planet. They have taken up different last names and Levi and Sarah made different first names as Mark’s name is not known by many people.
(Leviathan and Sarah are badasses though, so they would pull through)
Mark walks to the pelican that Levi is about to take off in.
“Leaving without me?” Mark asks.
“No, just waiting.” Levi answers.
“Let’s get going then. There is a pillar of light that will no doubt be bringing Flood here. We need to find a way to deactivate it.” Mark says.
“This is Hunter Actual to Hunter Lead. You are clear for takeoff.” A transmission rings in.
“You heard 'em boys. Let’s turn off this giant night light.” Levi says.
“Yes, sir. And by the way, Jason, your son should be guarding the city.” A soldier says.
“No can do, Borris. I am going with my dad to this. Or do you want me to tell your wife about that-”
“Fine, come along!” Borris says with an overly welcoming tone. The pelican then takes off away from the city, taking them to the pillar of light.

Eli then gets his next assignment he is to deliver some parts to another nearby camp and gets ready to leave tomorrow and while he is getting ready the leader of the camp comes in his quarters
“Eli have you found a new partner yet?”
Asks the leader
Says Eli
“Well I will send out a message to all nearby settlements saying that we need a partner for you you know the rules of runners”
Says the leader
“I know never run alone, never run after dark, and never kill another runner”
Says Eli as the leader leaves and lays down
(Be back in 30)

Mark and Levi disembark from the pelican as it landed first followed by their squad mates.
“I’ll analyze the problem.” Mark says.
“You do that. We will secure the area.” Levi says.
“Let’s do it.” Borris says. Mark begins to scan the pillar of light.
“If my hypothesis is correct, the shut down switch for this is here.” Mark presses a button and the pillar of light shuts down.
“Alright, boys. Crisis averted.” Levi says. “Back into the pelican and away to Gigantia”
“Yes sir.” Borris says. He then leads the other people in the squad into the pelican with Mark and Levi taking up the rear. They file into the pelican and it flies back to Gigantia.

(Is giganta a planet if it is that’s were the story will take place)
The leader sends out a message to every where on the planet and in the near by atmosphere
“This is the leader of survivor camp delta one of my runners is in need of a partner if you have any one you can spare notify us”
Says the leader and sends out the message
A few hours later
Eli wakes up and gets his gear his salvaged armor and his knife and tomahawk and puts on his odst backpack and waits for the door to open

(It’s a moving city in the dunes of the planet. The planet is something I don’t know. Let’s call it Charon for now. The desert planet is uncharted by the UNSC so it is kind of nonexistent)

“There it is, boys. The moving city Gigantia. It is actually a bunch of Desert Crawlers (huge hovering vehicles built for desert usually used for mobile bases) linked together. It is truly magnificent.” Levi explains to the troopers. The troopers, aside from Mark and Borris, stare in awe at discovering that fact.
“C’mon, let’s land this thing.” Levi says to the pilot. The pilot nods and lands the pelican inside Gigantia. They all disembark as the troop door opens. Levi and Mark walk away from the main group heading for their house.

Eli is about to leave when the leader stops him
“Hold on Eli we let you run alone a few times but that’s all we area still looking for your partner”
Says the leader and Eli waits

Meanwhile in the communications room
“This is survivor camp delta to giganta do you read”
Says the communications officer into the com

“This is Gigantia. What’s importance of your transmission?” The comms officer in Gigantia says.

Meanwhile, at Levi’s and Mark’s home.
“Hey, boys.” Sarah says, pulling them into a hug.
“Hey, mom.” Mark says, hugging back.
“How was work?” Sarah asks, pulling back
“It was fine. Mark disabled a pillar of light and prevented the flood from finding us.” Levi says.
“I’m so proud of you.” Sarah says to Mark.
“Let’s get some lunch for you. You must be starving.” Sarah says. Mark nods and the family walks into the dining room to have some dinner already prepared by Sarah.

“One of our runners is in need of a partner we know that there is little flood on Charon but we have our rules do you have anybody”
Says the communication officer

While Eli waits for his partner he looks through the market for anything he could trade his salvage for

“We will get back to you. Currently our runners just got back from a mission and are very tired. We will call you back in a half an hour with an answer. We will send the runner after the transmission will be sent.” The comms officer says.

“We need to go, Mark. I got a transmission that another runner is needed as a partner.” Levi says.
“Okay. Bye mom.” Mark says and opens the door.
“Bye. Don’t get into any trouble.” Sarah says.
“We won’t.” Levi says. Mark and Levi both walk out the door and close it behind them. They then walk to the dispatch office, taking a shortcut through the market.

“Eli we think we found you a partner just wait outside the camp”
Says a guard and Eli walks to the door and waits for his partner and he thinks he hears the sound of a desert crawler

Levi and Mark hear the mission briefing and nod. They jog to a pelican and it takes it to Delta Camp. The pelican lands at Delta camp and Levi and Mark disembark. They head for Delta’s dispatch office.

Eli starts to walk into the dunes when he hears the sound of a pelican
“Your partner”
Says the leader in Eli’s earpiece
“Tell him or her to meet me outside”
Says Eli and sits on a rock

Levi and Mark get notified and walk outside. “Where is you partner?”
“How should I know? I don’t have him in my tracker.” Mark says as he takes an armored hand out from his cloak and points to the person on the rock.
“There he is.” Mark says.
“Then let’s go and meet him.” Levi says. They walk over to Eli.
“I guess you’re my new partner.” Mark says.

“Yeah Eli”
Says Eli and gets up and holds out his hand

“Mark. Mark Jacobs. Pleasure to meet you.” Mark says, taking his hand and shaking it.
“I’m his father, Levi.” Levi says, nodding to Eli.
“He was my partner when we’re getting supplies. This time, however, I am going with you. I hope we will get along just fine.” Mark says.

(Levi is well known throughout Charon as The Leviathan.)

“The leviathan I heard about you anyway let’s by going”
Says Eli and puts a odst backpack full of the supplies into marks arms