Primary Changes 343I Should Make

Sprint: Personally I don’t like sprint and they should take it out, but I know that 343i is going to keep it in. So this is the way I think they should change sprint.

  • Re-Add the function were if you get shot you slow down because it annoys me how my enemies can run away from me. So there might be a problem now because you can’t slide or charge, but they should still keep the features in even though you are slown down. Just make charge and slide have slower movement or have less range or both.- Make it so when you sprint, you always have your gun up. They can have flaws with it if it’s op. Just make it have less accuracy or something like that.**Shield and Health Balancing:**I feel that e shielding and health in the game are too weak. If 343i adds to the point I mentioned about sprint, then I feel that it might work. I say that because if they strengthen the shield and health, people will have a higher chance escaping.

**Weapon Balancing:**Weapons in Halo 5 seems a bit strong as well. It maybe the weapons that need change instead of the shield but anyways they need to change.

  • Melee seem too inconsistent.- Grenades are too bouncy, strong, and has a huge radius. It’s also annoying how it take one bullet to make the grenade explode in your face.- BR has quite a fast fire rate. Maybe tone it down a bit.- AR/SMG are quite strong as well and need a bit of a downgrade.- Hydra isn’t that good, they need to buff it or it was just the maps were bad.- Rocket Launcher feels super sluggish.Smart Scope: Like sprint, I believe they should take it out, but If they don’t then they should change it.

I was thinking that they should make it so that when you aim with a scoped weapon like the DMR, the scope should cover the whole screen. By that I mean it should act like the Light Rifle Rocket Launcher. I feel that it might have the vibe of the classic halo zoom. Another example is in COD 4 on the mission Bog I think, when you use your M16 with holographic sight it covers your whole screen. No scoped weapons should fill the whole screen in general like the classic halo zoom.

I really want halo to go back to its roots epic music going into a forerunner facility then suddenly the flood breaks out like 343 guilty spark of halo 1.I also want a place where we can view all cutscenes we’ve unlocked and listen to all the music in the soundtrack