Pride Skins

I’d think it would be cool to add pride skins into H5 to show support for the LGBT community after the recent shootings. I made a crude one for the AR. (Seen here: Dropbox - File Deleted ) its only an example but i’m sure that the art team a 343 could do a better job than me as I only have a simple image manipulation program. Does anyone else think this would be cool idea?

This will be given to misinterpretation , all the people who do this kind of action is hypocritical , that iuncluye to which detubieron in its conferecncia E3 , what walk of lambiscones in social networks etc … not to extend the subject, are not hypocrites the whole world is that it takes the devil and it sounds silly thought of a few , just I say you should pay more attention to their alrredededor that what boast in the news and becomes popular

Please don’t double post. Thanks!

Not a fan of virtue signaling.