Pride Fighters Arena

Welcome, to Pride Fighters Arena v2.0 Final!

Map Name
Pride Fighters Arena v2.0 Final

Slayer, Team Slayer, CTF, Swat

Hours Put Into It
12 Hours Total

Map Creator
its LilBeast


Here’s a new map that i have about 12 hours total into. It’s a nice little ocean view arena with lots of cover and a interesting setup. You can have up to 4v4 battles on this map, with the gametypes of slayer, team slayer, swat and ctf supported. Weapons on the map include 2 needle rifles and 2 shotguns, 1 per side located near the spawns. Also has 1 sword in the middle for everyone to fight over!

Screenshots are below, please make sure to leave some feedback on the map. Enjoy everyone!

Screenshots & Download Link Below!

Click here to download!

Red Base

Blue Base

Sword Location

Inside Overview

Outside Overview

very cool but do you thinnk people may just camp in the spawns? good map though

Camping isn’t going to be a easy thing to do on this map so no, i am not worried about that, simply for the fact that the 1 way shield prevents the spawn from being camped. If someone decides to camp outside those doors then i would suggest being quick and using teamwork. I’ve never had a problem getting rid of campers in my spawns, so if i can do it i am pretty sure the majority of players can to.

alright then looks pretty sweet mate

Thanks, i have had a lot of fun on this map and another map i made with friends. We’ve all enjoyed it and now i hope the community can enjoy it.

just keep positive and anything can happen mate. Scrapyard Map this is my map that i put tons of time on and i was worried that it wouldnt get any downloads, this is great but, my most downloaded map was Dagger Creek with about 200 downloads.

Yeah i keep faith no matter what, how else would i get through a divorce lol. :stuck_out_tongue: But i will download that map and give try it out for sure!

haha you might want to get a few friends for that one mate. but i hope you enjoy mate.

Pfft. Friends, what are those? Lol. Yeah i will get a party together tonight probably. I have a few that love to test out my maps and play customs with me.

alright just play some team slayer on that bad boy haha. Good luck and I hope your map goes well.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

> Thanks. :slight_smile:

no problem always wish everybody on the forum some luck.