Pricing for non battlepass customization

I’ll start this out with my opinion and then move to speculation. I think all customization items need to drop in price heavily. Nothing over 5$ US, Full armor sets should be 3$-5$ if not less, everything else no more than 2$, it’s crazy to expect people to purchase customizations that they can only use on one core and not multiple and pay 20$ for it. The battle pass is great, I love what they did with it and how it functions, other than progression which thousands have already stated is way to dang slow and 343 has already commented on. The event pass being free is great but we need to be able to grind all of it in one week, I’m cool with there only being a week at a time and limit times to grind for it, but I want to spend all day earning the armor because it looks awesome. By extending the time frame to 7 challenges of 5 weeks, one week every month, they are expecting people to come back and play, but really they are making people give up and not want to try and earn it.

Looking back at every recent game with customization microtransactions we can see that almost always they are 10$-20$ for amor sets and outfits like in Destiny or Call of Duty. The issue with this is it would seem like less people would buy those expensive items and they would eventually lower the price, but these companies keeping them expensive, leading me to believe they are pulling in more money with the expensive items than they would by lowering the price and getting more people to buy at the lower price. My guess is that these companies have research that shows they will make more money keeping it at a higher price than lowering it and having more people buy the customizations, the only issue with this being that I don’t know any game that has made things like the armor pieces in Halo cheaper and seeing if more people would buy them.

TL:DR I think stuff is expensive in the store becuase company info says they make more money with less people buying expensive items than more people buying items for cheaper.