Prices this week are terrible!

$7 for one helmet, $8 for one effect, selling items individually is a great idea, but the prices need to adjust with it, last week was $12 for 2 armor coatings, a weapon coating, various vehicle coatings, and a visor as well, this week is more than half that cost for one helmet. These items are more than twice what they are worth, a huge leap backwards for Halo Infinite.


I wouldn’t mind $7 for the helmet if it came with a number of attachments, to be honest.


I agree but if they are going to price their items for the players, they should do in a fashion that doesn’t force you to buy 1000cr only to have 300cr sitting in your inventory. clearly their financial greed is greater than their desire to appease the player base. Not a single change has been without more player frustration

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I could be wrong, but I think ANY helmet you unlock or purchase will have you be able to unlock helmet attachments simply by playing the game.

I have heaps of helmet attachments I was never prompted that I unlocked.

Check back through your inventory often and you may be surprised what you find.

  • You won’t have to purchase additional content to unlock those attachments for the helmet you purchased.
    However I do feel that it’s a bit silly that you have to unlock them through play considering you have already purchased the base model.