Preview of Assassinations in the Menu

I would like to submit an idea that could maybe be added in an update to H5 or at the very least included in H6, can we add an animated preview of the assassinations that we choose in the customization menu. It would be nice to be able to see the full assassination before we select it.

Yeah this would be great, I have to go in a custom game with my friend to test them all out.

Pretty much this. I guess it doesn’t bug me too much, but when I open a pack and get an assassination, I’d like to at least see what I unlocked.

I agree… this would be good! I always hang around when someone is assassinating just to see what it looks like. Some of them make me hurt just watching.

Excellent Idea. Would be really nice to see in game.

It cant be that hard to just make a gif of each one.

I think the image could stay, and a button click could then replace that space off to the side with an animation of the assassination and then go back to the image afterwards. It seems like the space for the image would definitely provide enough room for that.

This would be good

It would be a great option to have, save me some time going into customs to check them out.

Great idea that should be in the game now.