Preview Feedback

Wanted to start out by saying I’m enjoying the heck out of the preview. The core gameplay is solid and this feels like a perfect mix between new and old Halo, the movement in particular is outstanding. I’ve condensed my feedback below in hopes it helps the game get even better before final release.
<ul class=“ul-list” data-mark="-"> - damage indicators on player need to be more obvious, dying randomly from damage without indication of damage amount or direction is frustrating

  • gravity hammer sound effect needs more oomph
  • gravity hammer windup time vs damage tradeoff not enough, needs more damage or faster windup
  • optimization and GPU utilization on PC needs work (expected in a test preview hope to see this fixed in final release)
  • menu navigation on PC is confusing, too many different home screen tabs/settings without enough indication of which “are” player is in
  • toggle to turn off resolution scaling is a MUST HAVE
  • shield pop is not in the game or very hard to tell when an enemies shields have broke
  • needler time to kill is insanely fast or indication of being needled is not present see above