Prestige Mode

Wait, no, don’t shoot!

I know the prestige mode is from CoD, and I know everyone here despises people who even mention the game, but let me try to get my point across.

The number of ranks in Reach and the amount of time it took to rank up was absolutely ridiculous. In Halo 4, I’d rather the ranks stop around the place where Colonel is in Reach, but have more ranks in between instead of “grades” to add variety.

And then, once you reach the highest rank, you have the option to prestige. You can restart everything and it’ll give you more replay value. You could then play for much longer if you choose, but you could also remain at the top rank if you so please.

Yes I know, this idea is stolen from CoD, but I believe it would work a lot better than the ridiculously long ranks in Reach.

Just my ideas. I realize many of you will hate me for even mentioning this, but at least give it a thought before you blindly criticize it.


I’d rather have a ranking system that actually meant something.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that fits in halo.

Honestly I hate the idea of prestige mode and resetting ranks. If it was similar to Cod where you lose everything then why bother ranking up, If it was like GoW 3 Re-up system I wouldn’t mind so much.

Hahahahah I’m shooting, feel the wrath of my full clip! No prestige.

> I’d rather have a ranking system that actually meant something.

It’s been confirmed there is a progression system similar to Reach, meaning this system could work. Now whether this coincides with a Halo 3-like ranking system is yet to be known.

I do not see prestige having a place in Halo.

I don’t like the idea for a few reasons. First, we don’t want the game to seem more like COD. People complain about that enough already. Second, I’ve never understood it. You do all that work to get to the highest rank just to start all over again? It just doesn’t make sense to me.


Oh god no.

> > Hahahahah I’m shooting, feel the wrath of my full clip! No prestige.
> why use an AR when you can use the splazer?
> Seriously OP, prestige in Halo is a terrible idea, i even hate it in COD.

I’m too impatient for the charge time, I need to shoot NOWZ!! for long sustained periods. Hmm… maybe a warthog gunner will do better. Longer time and moooor powaaahh!!

i vote no


I wouldn’t want something like that…

I hate the prestige system, no not because its from COD, but because its simply counter productive. After you finally get everything there is to get in the game, it wants you to restart everything, and if you don’t prestige then you have to listen to -Yoink- holes call you -Yoink- because you don’t want to restart.

This feature is one of COD’s signature features, couldn’t 343 get sued for taking something like this?

No, i hate it in general.

If the ranking is just based off exp. Then I really don’t care if the highest rank is captain grade 2. Linear Ranks mean absolutely nothing as far as skill goes.

Absolutely not

Prestige exist in CoD simply because it’s too easy to level up in CoD.
Halo always has a new exp system, but I don’t think applying others ideas would be the solution.

No, just, just no.