Press B for game chat

not sure if this is a new addition but saw it on halo today.

If you go to the score screen in game you can switch between party chat and in game chat with the B button. Seems like a nice workaround so you can be in party chat in your lobby and game chat in game if you have randoms.


Hmm gotta check that out. Definitely would beat the very slow Snapping of Party Chat.

Idk if it’s new, but next thing they need to do is completely rework Pregame UI lobby.

Interesting. Didnt know that but its a cool feature.

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I think it may have been a new addition with the window 10 addition perhap? I’ve spent most of my time in party chat but now me and my pals can do both although I’ve just newly witnessed the horrors of game chat… Kinect talkers and children who sound like they are barely old enough to walk let alone play a computer game, boggles the mind.

Its been there.

Can’t wait to test this out.

I sometimes play custom games with upwards of 6-10 people and we would have to be in party chat and then mute everyone NOT on our team before the game starts and then when the game ends unmute everyone which was a huge pain.

This seems like a start in order to make that process better.

Question, when the game ends to you automatically go back to the party chat or do you have to quickly do it in the score screen before the game ends to go back into party chat?

Obviously this is something I could test out after work but just curious if anyone has some good experience with this.