"Press A to overload mantis hydraulic system"

In mission 4 when you get the mantis, on my screen its constantly saying to “Press A to overload Mantis hygraulic system” No clue what that means, and when I do press A nothing happens.

Re beating the campaign on legendary, and I was just wondering if anyone knew what that meant. It doesn’t seem to do anything when I press A

Its RB on default and its a stomp

What button layout do you use? On default it says “Press RB to overload Mantis hydraulic system”. And it’s in fact stomping.

I think it’s the stomp that the Mantis can do. Try pressing the melee button assigned to your controller layout.

inb4 vague instructions

I would assume it’d make you go faster, but I haven’t noticed anything different.

Do you use the Recon control scheme? I use Recon, and that same message popped up.

You have A for your melee button? That’s what the tip is telling you to do; to use the Mantis’s legs to stomp on enemies. For me, it was one my shoulder buttons. Pressed it and the Mantis smashed some heads with those -Yoink!- legs.

“Press crouch to overload stabilization systems” xD

It says “push RB…” for me, but that’s because of the control layout.

The Mantis stomps on the ground, causing AoE damage

Did you change your controller layout?

From what I understand, that should cause the mantis to stomp the ground, damaging enemies in close proximity. I switched to Bumper Jumper (I still accidentally hit A thinking it will change grenades) and RB makes the mantis stomp for me…

On recon it’s B

Took me some time to work that out as well.

I use recon controller settings.

Ahh I see. It says to press A, but instead I pressed B and it did the stomp. That’s weird that it would tell me to press A.


I use Recon, and it says “Press A to overload” but in fact it’s B that does it, not A.

Ditto on that. I use the recon layout and got the message to hit the ‘A’ button, which does exactly nothing. I can only assume the button mapping programming just doesn’t affect the message correctly for that button layout.

Yeah, the Recon setting is messed up in that regard.

You also may notice the mantis lacks hydraulics completely.

its to stompand it depends on your controll sceme

Yes, Recon has that glitch, tells you to press A, when B actually does the stomping…
Antoher bug, just like at 260/300 points for Regicide, it’s 'Five kills remaining"… No, it’s four kills, they obviously can’t count…

> its to stompand it depends on your controll sceme

jesus dude, the correct answer has been posted literally 10 times in this thread already and you just bumped a 7 month old thread to repeat it!! (and you didn’t even mention the bug that actually answered the guys question…)

> its to stompand it depends on your controll sceme

This has already been answered…multiple times…7 months ago.

Since this rather old thread has already had it’s resolution, locked.