Preserve the peace

NOTE: This thread is meant not for “Defenders” or “Haters” or any other ‘faction’ the community has created. Its is meant to at least stop the annoying threads and same restated negativity that intoxicates the forums.

As you all may know, there is a lot of negativity on the forums at the time of this post.

All I want to know is why?

Not why you dislike the game, but why do you continue to stick around to complain about the game with your fellow community members? Sure it is a given right to do this, but why sit on a computer screen complaining all day to a bunch of people who, honestly, don’t give a damn.

Its understandable that you dislike and, for you radicals out there,hate the game. Nothing gets resolved by making countless, and quite honestly, annoying threads reiterating the same points over and over.

But what is done is done. You resolve nothing sitting in a computer screen and complaining on the Waypoint forums.

Do something productive and worthwhile that is fun to you.

I honestly doubt you enjoy sitting on a computer screen talking to a stranger about how bad the game is over your precious vacations or during your invaluable time.

If anything, I wish the best for all of you and I hope you enjoy your holidays with your family’s or whomever you love.

I wish malice towards none and hope that us, the Halo community, can reconcile our differences and once again become the great community we are and always will be.

Much love to you all, and happy holidays.