Preperation phase

Halo Wars 2 needs a preperation phase because, I always find my self never ready. I’m still trying to upgrade my base but the enemy is already capturing points, and when I show up to the point to try and stop the enemy, my forces always fail. 2/10 matches i’ve played I have actually won, and thats only because an opponent has left the match. The preperation phase should be pretty long 7-10 mins, I want to play more of the game but I fell that this is a big issue. I’d love if you could put a preperation phase in, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Well in an RTS it’s all about how fast you can move your forces. In Domination, you just have to be faster. But while you’re building your base up send those units that you start with (after they get you a few crates) to take over stuff. They can easily take 3-4 objectives while you are building your base which gives them time to run (If you don’t run into the enemy). If you do run into the enemy and you lose your force, pop some more marines out, they are cheap and can be made from any base/mini-base.

You need to manage your units and economy faster. This mode doesn’t allow for turtling or booming. You need to get out there and be aggressive while simultaneously training new troops, researching new techs, and grabbing expos and hooks.