Preparing for Halo 4

Not sure if this is in the right forum but I’m mainly looking for people to play competetive Reach with.


I’m a solid player who wants to do a ton of Octagon on Reach before 4 comes out and am looking for other people who are willing.

Havok Gaming summary
Has over 50 members
Communicate in 8 member parties everyday
Training sessions in flying driving and tactitions
Play slayer and objective with precise communication in between squads
Have a ranking system
Have squads/packs
Must speak english and understand it
Easy to join send machine965 (no space) a message on X360 or on here and ill get to you ASAP

Not sure if you’re looking for a clan or not but if you are here’s something you can check out

And here’s our little welcome message to inform people a little bit of what we’re about…

Welcome to Advent Halo - providing a sanctuary from the endless hordes of immature gamers. We’re a relatively new group, but as we continue to add quality members, we’ll be engaging in clan, squad, and big team battles.
Whether you’re here for competitiveness or to have a good time running matchmaking and/or custom games, be respectful and play nice. Don’t flame other members. Work together as a team, and kick some -Yoink-. We highly recommend being regularly active on both Xbox Live and this site. This is where news, game nights, squad practices, and more important information will be posted.
You’ll get out of the group what you put into it. Stay active!
Here’s a few things you should know to get started:
Once you join a squad, if you choose to do so, you will be invited to a private group in which you can discuss things with the rest of your squad members. For more information on Squads and how to become a Squad Leader go Here.
Please update your Spartan profile to match our uniform policy…which simply consists of a primary color and emblem. You’re free to keep your armor type/customization.
Also, for the very short list of rules you can go Here Those are important if you want to become a member and get along with everyone.
We also have many other things in our forum section like:
-News and Announcements
- Upcoming Events
- General Discussion
- Halo 4 Stuff
- Map Room (Show off your maps or any cool maps you have)
- Game settings (A place where people can post/you can ask for game types that we might’ve played on game night or any other time)
Make sure you check our calendar for the closest upcoming game night/event where you can meet a lot of the members, and Check out the Advent Halo YouTube page for any videos or montages we’ll be making! If you have any questions message me or Hunter 192.
Also, don’t forget to send Advent Halo a friend request. This is a silver account that the group uses so members don’t have to use up their friend list.
Lastly, sit down, strap in, and giddy-up.